Styledbaby's Cards

I feel so blessed - I am lucky enough to be the one who gets to design and make the cards for Styledbaby Boutique, Cafe + Playhouse. It's a privilege to work with Delia to create fun and classy cards for her business so she can send them out to customers and clients. Here is a little sample of what I've been working on for Delia.

Thanks so much for the opportunity, Delia. And for those of you who are up here near Portland - hop on over to Styledbaby, located in Historic Downtown Hillsboro - you'll be glad you did.


  1. It's because you're so talented, Shauna--it's not all just luck! You're incredibly gifted and anyone can see it!

  2. I am loving your cards! Thanks again for your sweet comment on my blog! Im glad you come to visit :o) Wait til you see the cute ghosts I just posted about (he he he- I just love this time of year!!) Take care Shauna!


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