another order almost complete

I have almost finished Whimsidoodle's card order, and can't wait to finish it up when Taylor takes his afternoon nap today. I have two wedding cards left to complete the order, then I'll take it to the post office to mail it away!! Whimsidoodle is a fellow etsian who is making me some lovely origami boxes that I want to keep in a vase or big glass bowl in my kitchen, and to take to decorate the table at craft/art fairs. She made them in my most favorite colors - green, light blue, orange and yellow - citrus!! Here are some of her cards that I have been working on. Go check her shop out, too, she's super talented, and friendly!!


  1. Hi!!
    You have such a cute blog and such fun things on Etsy! I see you are one of my followers, thank you sooo much! I love that Peachy Cheap site too!! I think I need to add the button to my blogs! I will always check back on your blog! Take care and have a great day!
    Tiffany - The Childrens Nest

  2. Wow very cute things. Oh hey I see my sister has already been here..."fourlittleloves" how funny is that. I am enjoying reading all your blogs. Isn't this fun meeting new people through blogs!


  3. I love them! You are so talented!


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