And we have a WINNER...

Okay folks, the Random Number Generator did it's thing - let's see what happened...

WendiWinn (who left this ironic and hilarious comment):

any comment at all?

then I shall leave you with this:
don't use random.org. I don't believe it works. every time someone uses random.org, my number doesn't come up. and someone else always goes home with my prize.

Congratulations, Wendi!! Contact me with your information so I can mail you your cards!! I guess random.org had to prove itself to you! How funny!! Do you believe now?! I hope so!

I did happen to pick 2 runner ups - I hate to just pick one winner, so being the sucker that I am, I had random.org pick 2 others numbers -- and they are: 7 and 25.

Commenter 7 is DANA from Old Red Barn Co - congratulations, Dana, you get 30% off any custom listing or order on my etsy site... just let me know if you want anything!

Commenter 25 is Theresa N. Theresa, you are also eligible for 30% off any custom listing or order on my etsy site!

Thanks for a FUN giveaway, and stay tuned for more in the future!!



  1. no way! i'm so totally going to say "dude" now! dude!

    thanks so much!

    i'll convo you... :)

  2. i love my cards. they're beautiful. i'll be sending out one tomorrow.

    gosh. that is one lucky ducky recipient.


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