very exciting news

So a few weeks ago Taylor and I met Summer at the neatest place in downtown Hillsboro for lunch and to chat... and I just fell in love! We went to Styledbaby Boutique, Cafe + Playhouse (on East Main Street, near Subway) and it is just the coolest place ever, and the owner is so wonderful... so, so fun! Anyway, I spoke with her about maybe bringing in some of lemon drop studio's fresh-squeezed gifts and we set up an appointment.

My meeting was last Wednesday and it went great! I now am a vendor for Styledbaby and am blessed to have my crayons and hair ties in her lovely boutique now. I am also going to do my silhouettes (custom and stock), frames and some other fun goodies. If anyone is in the neighborhood - you have to go in and check out her boutique. Or come visit me and I'll take you there myself! Really, it's such a blessing to have met Delia and I just know her boutique is going to be such an asset to the community and to families all around. Go check her out!!


  1. Shauna, what wonderful news! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you :)

  2. Yay Shauna! I wish I could see her little shop! Congratulations, Mrs. Vendor!

  3. Shauna,
    I really like your blogspot and appreciate your help and encouragement...thanks!


  4. Congratulations! Sounds like a big deal for sure!!


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