new on etsy

Hi Sweet Friends,

Some new goodies are up in the etsy shop tonight - here is your sneak peek. For a closer look or for more information, hop on over to the shop!

Also, this is the last week of the GIVEAWAY. If you haven't entered yet, you really should!! Click here and leave a comment - it's that easy! Fun, right!?

Thanks and have a great night!


  1. I love them! Now if only I had hair! :) Or a daughter whose hair I could fix up pretty! Byron won't allow me to put stuff in his hair--believe me, I've tried! :) And Ayden...well, let's just say he's still working the Skullett.

  2. dang it! I missed the giveaway. Jill told me about it but I got all caught up in shoveling bark mulch. I would have rather been playing on the computer. Next time!

  3. Cute! Hey- thanks for the cute tags (got them today) I also put a link to your blog on mine...have a great day!


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