Lisa's cards...

I have finished Lisa's cards that she won on my little giveaway and have put them up for your viewing pleasure. Lisa, I hope you like your cards!

Sweet friends, keep checking back in, because there will be another giveaway soon.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

x's and o's - Shauna


And the giveaway winner is...

... Lisa from The Cutting Edge of Ordinary, who found out about my giveaway from one of my favorite blogs, Old Red Barn Co!!

Congratulations, Lisa! Email me your contact information at: lemondropstudio@gmail.com and also let me know what sort of cards you'd like made (thank yous, birthday, hello, blank, etc). I can't wait to make your cards for you.

Thank you to everyone who entered my first giveaway contest. Stay tuned, because there will be more to come! If you want more of me in the meantime, hop on over to my etsy shop and find something you like!

Shauna {lemon drop studio }


new on etsy

Hi Sweet Friends,

Some new goodies are up in the etsy shop tonight - here is your sneak peek. For a closer look or for more information, hop on over to the shop!

Also, this is the last week of the GIVEAWAY. If you haven't entered yet, you really should!! Click here and leave a comment - it's that easy! Fun, right!?

Thanks and have a great night!


Dominique's Order!!

Just finished a card order for the lovely Dominique, whom I have known since high school, and also haven't seen since high school! Here are your cards, Dom. I hope you love them! I will send them to you soon!!

If anyone else likes any of these cards, I have more paper left, so let me know before it's gone!! I may use some of it for some etsy items, so keep those eyes open.

Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY drawing!! See the post right under this one!!



I feel like doing a FREE GIVEAWAY, so here's how you can play.

The rules are simple. Please post a comment on this posting to be automatically entered into the giveaway. If you want a BONUS ENTRY, just mention my blog somewhere in your own blog. Send me the link to your blog in your comment or by email and I'll put your name into the drawing an extra time. Make sense?

So basically all you have to do is leave a comment. If you don't know how, or are not a Google User, just simply click on the 'comments' text under this post. Then type your comment in the comment box. After that click the 'Name/URL' under 'Choose An Identity'. You can then enter in your name and an optional URL. A name will do just fine if you don't have a blog for me to stalk, I mean, peek at. After that simply click on 'Publish Your Comment'. Easy peasy!

Oh, you want to know what you win?! You win a set of 6 cards gift pack and a fun surprise!

Giveaway closes at 5 o'clock in the evening on Friday, June 20th. I will randomly pick a commenter and the WINNER will be posted on Saturday, June 21st by noon.

Tell your friends! Anyone is welcome to and encouraged to enter!

Good luck!



new etsy goodies - sneak peek!

I just posted some new goodies in my etsy shop tonight! Head on over to check out the fun Kate Clips and Penny Ponytails.

Here are a few sneak peek pictures from the shop.

Hope everyone had a terrific weekend!!



overdue thank you's!!

I am big on thank yous. I just am. It's the right thing to do, that's how I was raised. So, I need to thank a few awesome friends for some card orders. I have thanked them individually, but I need to give them some much deserved blog-love.


* Leah Loloyan
* Michelle Queen
* Rose Keep
* Berdie Myers
* Sara Votipka
* Skye Weadick
* Rachelle Goude

You ladies are all more than wonderful, and if anyone EVER says otherwise {not that anyone would}, I will totally go after them and annoy the heck out of them until they change their mind! No one wants that. Ever.

Thanks again!

Rose's Cards

Good Afternoon, Wonderful Blog Readers,

I just finished a card order for my sweet friend and number one blog fan, Rose. Here is a sneak peek of her cards.

Rose, I hope you love 'em! I love you and miss you dearly.