birth announcement

Trask + I have started doing birth announcements. Well, I guess we 'started' almost 2 years ago when we made our little Taylor's announcement, but now we found another victim, I mean dear friend, that let us do their announcement, too. Above is Sweet Jill's birth announcement for her newest guy she added to her hunk collection (she now has 3 hunks in her possession - Wade, Byron and Ayden)... lucky girl. We are more than happy to work with other families to create fun and memorable announcements, invites and more.

Here's Taylor's announcement, but it looks a little bit different, the fonts didn't all come through the right way. Hmmm, anyway, you get the idea. (Pretend like the font is correct, please, it's really bothering me that it's not showing up right).

What we do for printing is have them printed like photographs, and a matte finish is always fancy, so they aren't expensive to print, so you don't have to pick and choose who gets an announcement, they are cheap enough to send them to everyone you know, and even strangers, because isn't it fun to show off your new kidlet?!

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