artisan craft fair

I will be at the Jenkins Estate's Artisan Craft Fair on Saturday, May 10th all day long. Swing on by to check out the latest cards and gift tags, and for a shot to win a set of cards in my raffle drawing. For more details on what they have in store for you at Jenkins, click here. It will be fun!!


Katie's Cards

I just mailed my dear friend, the wonderful Katie Kelly her 40-card order! I didn't take pictures of all of them, but here's a little peek at some of the little gems. And by the way, a huge thank you goes out to Katie, who is responsible for this awesome picture on the blog's sidebar... she's so great, one of my very favorites for sure!!


who's your Mama...

Mother's Day is coming up, Sunday, May 11th, all day long. Remember your Mama and send her a card. Don't just limit yourself to your Mom, but remember Aunts, Grandmas, new Moms, etc. I am ready to help you get ready for Mother's Day - just drop me a line.



I have been working on all sorts of different gift tags and have been loving it! It's so much fun, but I think I like it because I love wrapping gifts or adding fun tags and such on to items like flowers or wine bottles, I just think it's cute. Don't harass me about this. Thanks.

Here's a few gift tags I have completed today. And while I was making them I thought how fun it would be to make them in to place-settings or name-plates for fun parties, or even to label the foods and drinks. Fun, right?! So if that is something that tickles your fancy (I love saying that!), then just let me know and I won't put the holes in the end like I do with the tags... this is so cool, I am still in shock over my new idea.

PSSST: Gift tags are made with a heavier weight card stock, so they aren't all flimsy. Also, they are blank on the backside, giving you lots of room to express yourself or doodle. It's not my job to tell you what to do, unless you want me to. Anyway...

Examples of tags:

tag measures: 4"x2"
ribbon color: pale yellow

tag measures: 2.5"x2.5"
ribbon color: cream

tag measures: 4"x2"
ribbon color: lavender

tag measures: 4"x3"
ribbon color: green

tag measures: 2.5"x2.5"
ribbon color: cream