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How Thoughtful!! Express your appreciation with a fun, handwritten note, not some lame email, let them practically feel your hug when they open up this little beauty of a card. The card reads: 'thoughtful: showing care or consideration for others.'

Again, I am big on saying 'thank you' and what better way to do it than with a fun blue and brown homemade card. You can thank someone for a variety of things, such as: dinner and a movie, thanks for watching my cat while I was on vacation, thanks for finally putting the toilet lid down... etc.

Thanks for the favor, with flavor! This 'thank you' card is a fun one, and really gets the job done when you want to tell that person that what they did made a difference. Card reads: 'favor (noun): a kind act, granted out of goodwill or friendship.' Like your friends and want to keep them?... then thank them!

Say what you need to say... this is a blank card, so use it whenever you want to, I won't be bossy. Card is lavender and brown, with a fun and lovely paisley-esque design.

Blank, again! This is a sweet little guy with light blue flowers and blue accent paper. You know you haven't kept up with that one family member, you know who, why don't you surprise them with a sweet note? They'll love it.

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