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Present hard to wrap? Present ugly as sin and need to make it look better? Want to add a fun, personal touch to that recycled gift to gloss over the fact that it's been gifted before? The potential gift-giving conundrums and sticky situations are endless. The solution to all these potentially awkward situations is gift tags!

I have been making fun gift tags this weekend and hope that you guys think they're as exciting as I do! They make any gift look great - and make me want to go out and give presents to strangers, just so I can use some. Is that weird?!

Gift tags can be purchased in sets of 5, for $4. All gift tags have ribbon (in fun, neat and awesome coordinating colors!!) for easy attachment. Write a sweet little sentiment on the back and voila... you're gift is lookin' good!

Want 'em? Let me know and they're yours! I have a handful made already, just waiting for a gift to adorn and beautify.

These little ladies [pictured above] are fun with a capital 'F', yes they are. Cute pinks and greens to make a fun paisley pattern, with cute black ribbon couldn't get more glamorous. Nice curvy shape (the tag, not you!, unless it applies, but that's not the point...), fun to add to any gift, and these colors are CUTE!!

These little ones have a similar story to the first bunch that you saw, but with a different shape, and coordinating green ribbon. Feeling a bit more sassy... these tags are the way to go, and the green is perfect for spring. Cute tags for any birthday, shower gift, Easter, graduation, or even a 'Just Because' gift. It's been a long time since I've received one of those (ahem, hint, hint, hint! Throw a gift tag on the sucker and I'll forgive ya!)

Not fun enough for you yet? Well try these babies out! These all come from the same patterned paper, but each card is going to look a little bit different, depending on where on the paper they came from. Cute colors of pinks, blues, browns and more create fun dots and flower designs. I have 3 sets worth of these puppies (15 total, if you're not a math whiz). I got a little wild with the ribbon on these, so some have lavender, some have pink and others have brown, and they are SO STINKIN' CUTE (Okay, I'll calm down now)! Perfect to go on any fun, or boring, gift. Give 'em a home and make them yours!

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